Civil Engineering & Construction Services

Sewage/Water Treatment Works

We have gained vast experience and expertise from carrying out civil engineering and construction works on very sensitive operational Sewage and Water Treatment Works sites, successfully completing various structures associated with the treatment process, which have included: Reed Beds, RBC’s, Inlet Works, Associated Pipework & Chambers, Filter Beds, Pumping Stations, Wet Wells & Storage Tanks etc.

Plant Hire

We offer a range of Excavators and Dumpers at competitive rates. Excavators: From 1.5T to 30T all equipped with quick hitch devices. Dumpers: From 3T to 6T Dumpers all equipped with current safety devices. All plant is regularly maintained and all have current Certification.

FRC Works

We have a highly skilled workforce which have constructed a wide variety of reinforced concrete structures including Water Retaining Tanks, Inlet Works, Retaining Walls, Head-walls, Pumping Stations, Building Foundation Slabs and Transformer Pens etc.

Pipe Laying(Large/Small Diameter)Pipe Laying

Our specialty is the installation of large diameter pipelines in all types of soils and in very difficult ground conditions, using heavy duty earth work support systems for trenching and cofferdams, including any associated groundwater control requirements and systems.
Our extensive experience and expertise enables us to lay pipework at depths in excess of 8.0m.
Pipework installations include diameters ranging from the smallest up to >2.5m and using various materials eg Steel, Ductile Iron, Concrete, HDPE/MDPE and Plastic etc.
Installation of all sizes of pipework within various structures which include Pump Houses, Pipework Galleries and Valve Chambers etc.


We can provide all the necessary plant for various earth-moving needs, site clearance, excavations, landscaping and cut & fill operations.

Specialised Pipe Cutting 

We are specialists in pipe cutting technology with state of the art equipment complying with all health & safety standards. Our machines have a wide range of cutting ability ranging from 200mm to 2.5m diameter. When fitted onto pipe mains it can deliver a clean circumferential cut in minutes. Our equipment can cut steel, ductile iron, cast iron, plastic, cement, concrete and most other types of pipework materials. Our cutting machines can work in all sectors- water, sewerage, gas, petrochemical and most other environments.


We have extensive experience in highway and road construction including associated drainage, gullies, manholes, catch pits, interceptors, kerb laying, tarmac and concrete roads.


We are very experienced in slab and block paving, small drains, ducting and associated chambers, concrete footpaths, hard-standing areas, fencing, bollards, surface/formation preparation works in readiness for foundation slabs and other similar structures. We also have extensive experience in Gabion Wall construction.

Welding Services

We provide welding services which can accommodate welding of general steelworks and also specialised items such as welded joints on large diameter steel pipework ranging up to at least 2.5m diameter.